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Seabream and prawns with ratatouille and balsamic reduction

This recipe has found a place on the blog very unplanned. I called my friend over to have a lunch together and I planed to prepare something nice because I passed the exam. I wasn’t pl…

Source: Seabream and prawns with ratatouille and balsamic reduction


Foodie, Heal Thyself – Day 1

What is the definition of being a foodie?  I have found several definitions from a gourmet, to the Urban Dictionary version “A dumbed-down term used by corporate marketing forces to infantilize and increase consumerism in an increasingly simple-minded American magazine reading audience.

I don’t pigeon hole myself in either category.  I have been known to discuss, at length, an impressive, to-die-for, crab bisque (see picture)

Crab bisque

Crab Bisque compliments to Jack Binion’s Steakhouse, Council Bluffs, IA

that took me 30 minutes to eat because I didn’t want the experience to end.  In the same conversation I can describe my love of Kraft Mac n Cheese paired with hot dogs.  When I think of gourmet, I think snob.  Being a foodie is a helpful sign that I wear (proudly) that says every conversation will contain some sort of food obsession story.  If I am talking to someone that has recently traveled, there is no doubt in my mind the question, “where did you eat?” and “what did you have?” will be discussed.

I am on a mission to maintain my obsession with food but adapt it for good instead of evil.  The days of celebrating CARB night are over!  But where to start?  Well, Day 1 of course.

Day 1

Denial is not just a river in Egypt, it is an inevitable truth.  You can tell yourself that because your significant other has a problem, you will not need to change.  Really?  I got over that before leaving the doctor’s office.  If Mr. Solberg must change his eating pattern because of his health, I must be involved too.  I am the foodie who does the planning, shopping, cooking, and obsessing.  I packed up the bags of chips, cookies, fresh and frozen potatoes, pasta, Pop Tarts, and bread and carted them over to a neighbor’s house.

I learned how to effectively read a food label and convert my favorite breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks into nutritious delicacies that even the most picky and snobbish foodie will appreciate.

Planning is difficult for me.  I am a practicing procrastinator who generally starts a project and changes my mind about it so many times that in the end I cannot remember the reason for the project.  I am working on it . . .

Grocery shopping is one of my passions.  I have attended grocery store openings in my area and in many cities where I have traveled.  I enjoy finding new products to test and old products to refresh.  The stores who provide samples know me by name and several meat and deli counter friends offer great suggestions and request my advice or opinion.

Lower carbohydrates is  not my only focus, I believe diabetes type 2 does not only rear it’s ugly head because we eat too many carbs.  Everything needs to be in balance to be healthy.  Fresh fruits and vegetables now get top billing and lean proteins like chicken and fish get a supporting role.

On Day 1 I grabbed my favorite list of recipes and started to convert.  I have already found a great spaghetti casserole conversion to give me an Italian treat (see my recipe).  I have also found instead of using tofu noodles, a great replacement is spaghetti squash!  I have decided to rename some of these vegetables to make them more palatable.  Squash has not been on my list because, well, it is squash.  As a child it was a punishment to eat squash and spinach.  I have renamed spaghetti squash to “squaghetti”.  I have created and tested 5 different recipes to use this new vegetable.  Look for their posts coming soon!

If you have converted a recipe of your own or would like to have an alternative to something you commonly eat, comment below and I would love to be involved!





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