Are YOU Being a Significant Other?

Does the person in your life have diabetes type 2 and you do not?  I am not here to preach or suggest you are not doing your part, but what part are you taking?

If you believe this is their problem and you are not changing your culinary and activity lifestyle, stop reading!  Ok, that was harsh, I do want you to read and appreciate your Couple walkingsupport.  Did you only sign up for the good parts?  What are the good parts?  There have been more times in my life that I have found when I have tackled a problem or accomplished something, those are my good parts!  If you are in a position to influence a child with your lifestyle choices, think of the people that will need to support them in the future.  Whether you had a good role model or not to learn from, Gandhi said it best, “Be the change you wish to see in the world!”

Your person may have been destined to this disease by genetics, but it is just as likely that your choices have contributed to the problem.  If you have a sweet tooth and commonly have sugary snacks lying about, others may indulge too.  If you don’t put any effort into providing nutritional meals, people will eat what they have available.  If you can find more reasons to put off a walk around the block than just walking around the block, you will influence your person to be a procrastinator.

What can you do?  Learn.  The simplest and best way for a person to deal with anything is to have support from the people they care about.  Remember the food pyramid that shows the portions of food groups we should eat?  This has changed from what I remember but Iada plate believe it is easier now.  According to the American Diabetes Association, half of your plate should be vegetables.  Have some fun with it, I have been trying either a new vegetable or a new recipe each week.  One quarter of your plate should be your protein.  It can be meat or a protein alternative.  Our dietician suggested choosing beef and pork cuts that say “loin” in the title.  They are usually leaner.  The last quarter of your plate would be for the starch.   The evil carb infested thing that probably caused most of the problem.  Suggestion from my side, try a fruit instead of potatoes.  They will give you a sweet taste and a better digestion.  I have also learned recently the benefits of including whole grains to your diet is significant also.  Soluble fiber can be beneficial to lowering cholesterol and blood sugars.  What you choose should be within the total carbohydrate count that your medical professional or dietician suggested.  Mr. Solberg has 30-50 per meal and 15-20 per snack.

The culinary change + 30 minutes of activity per day can make a difference to your significant other and yourself.


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