Pasta the Safe Way

First of many recipes to be “re-invented” during our journey is my family’s classic comfort food, Casseruola di Spaghetti or as we know it, Spaghetti Casserole.  This has been a staple in my life and I refuse to let it go.  But we know that pasta is definitely “carbful”.  If we use spaghetti, obviously the focus of the meal, 1 cup of this cooked wonder = 38 carbs.  Picture the size of your fistFist and ask yourself, is this amount that I will eat?  Is there any other carbs in my meal?  The picture is actually my fist and generally this measurement refers to one cup, but I couldn’t squeeze it down enough.  How can I include a slice of bread to sop up any sauce?  What about a simple lettuce salad on the side with dressing?  Never mind the actual sauce that includes carbs too.

If I made this recipe with the standard ingredients in a 9×12 baking dish, the servings would be separated into 8 lasagna-looking squares.  Each of these delicious squares have an estimated, 883.5 calories, 48.5 total fat grams, and 58 total carbs.  Cholesterol and sodium have their place too.  I based the calculations on all of the total ingredients and divided it by 8 servings.  If you have paid attention to your diabetes education, you should limit your carbs to 30-50 per meal.  Never mind the calories and fat that have contributed to the diabetes type 2 epidemic.  This meal is potentially deadly.  Especially if a slice of crusty garlic bread and a lettuce salad are added.  So long to the glass or two of wine to wash it down.

Compromise is a nasty word with notes of sacrifice and blandness.  Mr. Solberg’s view on anything diet is to remove the taste and get used to the hungry feeling.  My challenge is to prove him wrong with a culinary adventure!  See my interpretation of the classic Casseruola di Spaghetti.




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