How long do you spend in the fresh produce section of the grocery store?  If you are like we used to be, pre-diabetes, broccoli and lettuce was about the only fresh produce that found it’s way in to my cart.  Besides, a place where you can buy a steak that was riddled with fat, a nice loaf of crusty French or Italian bread to be loaded with butter, and beautiful Yukon gold potatoes for baking, frying or boiling, vegetVeggiesables were just not a high priority.  Pasta in any form was preferred over something leafy green, and the color orange is not in my kitchen.  I actually have a wall hanging that says, “Never Trust a Skinny Cook”.  The wall hanging stays, the rest has changed.

When Mr. Solberg was diagnosed, I didn’t realize that my culinary preferences could potentially be the cause.  The more investigating that I did, the harder the facts were to swallow.  The potential for heart and blood vessel disease, nerve and kidney damage, eye, foot, and skin problems, and even Alzheimer’s is linked to diabetes type 2 according to the Mayo Clinic.  Time to get to work!

I have found some greens and oranges to put in my kitchen now.  Please stay tuned for some incredible recipes and I will also share my tricks for turning our old favorites into nutritious and diabetes-friendly meals.

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